5 Tips for Extending Your Portfolio While on Vacation


Summer is around the corner. Make the most out of your summer holiday with these simple tricks to simultaneously extend your stock photography portfolio.

1. Make a Shoot List

Research your vacation destination and find out what key places there are and which you want to photograph. With a shoot list, you increase the chances of a successful photo series. It provides you with a direction of what you want to cover. You will most likely stumble upon other great shots along the way.

2. Look For Editorial Content

Whats happening in the news at your vacation destination? For example, there are endless photos of the Eiffel Tower on all the stock photography sites. But few photos of the Eiffel Tower lit up in the Belgian flag’s colors, showing solidarity following the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22nd, 2016.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd

Chances are that other stock photographers have already covered your vacation hotspot. Increase the chances of your images being sold by using unique angles, approaches and photography techniques.

4. Shooting Local Life

The primary target all stock photography agencies wanting you to hit is local culture. Breakfast, school, work and shopping in New Delhi does not look the same as in London.
Every day local life can be easy to photograph, and at the same time give you a diverse portfolio. Research which foods, drinks and other local treats are unique were you are traveling.

5. Use Family and Friends as Models

Ask your travel companions if they would be willing to pose for you and sign a model release. If hesitant, tell them they can be unrecognisable on the images. Often photos were the person is less recognisable sell more than were the person is fully recognisable. This can more easily convince your partner or friends to sign a release. Even if the person will be unrecognisable, have them sign the model release.

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