Become a Stock Photographer

Becoming a stock photographer is easier than you might think. The global stock photography market allows for your photos to be featured on websites, in magazine articles, newspapers, blogs and advertising. If you have a good understanding of  how ISO, aperture and shutter speed works, you will most likely have a good chance at being accepted to sites like Shutterstock.

Having a good eye for composition and white balance is also important. A good stock photo should always have good lighting, composition, correct focusing and no visible noise. It is also important to keep an eye on visible trademarks within the photo. Recognizable people must always sign a model release, unless it is a photo of a news event.

1. Register your account

Start by registering your contributor account at: During the sign-up process you will be asked to upload a scan of your ID.

2. Read the Contributor Success Guide

Before uploading any images, it is important to read the Contributor Success Guide. This is a helpful basic introduction to stock photography. You can skip the parts about video and illustrations, if you only plan to submit photos.

3. Submit your best photos

To qualify as a stock photographer, you will be asked to submit your very best images. Make sure they all follow the basic guidelines in the Contributor Success Guide.

Don’t be discouraged if you are rejected. Some of the most successful contributors also needed a couple of attempts. It is important to keep in mind that you are not being judged on being a good photographer, but rather judged if you have understood the basic requirements of the Contributor Success Guide.