Colors and Composition in Travel Photography

It seems that nowadays travel photography is everywhere. And they are hot items that sell well in the stock photography world. If you want to create travel photos that stand out, it might be good to become aware of a few tricks to capture great shots.

Seize the moment

Grabbing the moment is what great travel photography is all about. Even if it means you need to camp on a bridge, on a street corner or take 50 shots. Patience is the keyword. Try to capture that special look, that jumping movement, or another dynamic event that is taking place right in front of your eyes.

capture the moment

Helpful composition techniques

From the long list of different photography techniques, focus on being creative with shapes and leading lines. Photograph objects from above for nice effects, with geometrical patterns showing up. Zoom in on exotic fabrics, mosaics and colorful tilework, and small object that are typical for the destination you are photographing. Scenes with exotic carpets are beautifully depicted if you photograph from the ground, to give the viewer the impression he or she is part of the scene.


Colors & light

Be aware of color coordination in your photo’s. It gives a great effect if certain hues come back in different parts of your photo’s. Play with light. As most photographers will know, the early morning and late afternoon hours are the best for photography. Try to avoid taking outdoor photo’s around midday since the contrast between light and shadow will be too stark. Develop a habit of looking for beautiful natural lighting on people and objects. Play with lightfall, shadows and with reflections in water, mirrors and in windows.

light and shadow light fall

Approaching strangers

Make contact with the people you are portraying. If you want the person you are photographing to relax and open up, it is necessary to connect with them first. Always be friendly, chat away for a while and ask for permission to take their photo. Many people, especially those from developing countries, love to pose and to see the end result. Make sure the corners of the photo are relatively clean without many distractions.

portrait 2 portrait

Always carry model releases

Make sure you ask the people you photograph to sign a model release. This is needed to directly or indirectly profit from other people’s likeness. It goes without saying that photo’s depicting shiny happy people are most popular when it comes to stock photography!

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