Making Perfect Summer Photos


It is no secret that taking photos during sunshine can be difficult. In full manual mode, it’s not difficult to get an OK result. But for those that are a little picky, wanting correct colors and exposure, it can on a sunny day be challenging to find the right settings.

Sunny 16 rule

In photography, the traditional ‘sunny 16 rule’ is a great way to quickly get the perfect summer photos, with little time or effort spent adjusting the settings. The rule is very easy to learn. But it does require the basic knowledge in photography, understanding how the camera’s ISO, aperture and shutter speed work together.With an aperture of f/16, the only requirement is to set the ISO and shutter speed at equal levels. This will in most cases give you beautiful colors and perfect exposure in your photos this summer.

Example: f/16 + ISO200 + 200 shutter speed

If you want to freeze action, simply increase the ISO and shutter speed.

Portraits: f/16 + ISO200 + 200
Moving objects: f/16 + ISO500 + 500
Sports: f/16 + ISO1000 + 1000

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