Photographing Fashion Week for your Stock Portfolio


Fashion Week is not only limited to New York City, but is organised in most cities around the world, and provides a great opportunity to shoot portraits of experienced models. It’s also a great event to capture wide angle shots of crowds and other editorial based images, that can be sold to prospective buyers of fashion based stock images. Keep in mind, a general image of a runway show in London can easily be purchased and used to promote a upcoming runway show in Madrid.

Bring Your Zoom Lens

Often photographers are at a distance from the models, so having a good zoom lens is beneficial. If you can afford a lens with a wide aperture, shooting at an aperture of f/2,8 allows you to focus on the main subject, while at the same time blur out distracting elements in the background.

Alternatively consider to rent a lens if your current lenses don’t provide the speed and focal range you need.

For runways, a focal length between 70 to 200mm works well. If you’re shooting full-frame, consider adding a tele-extender. For backstage, front row, presentations, smaller venues and general shooting, a normal portrait lens is a good second option to bring along.

Full Portraits and Closeups

Create a diverse portfolio that is pleasant to the viewer’s eye, by making sure you shoot a mixture of full body portraits, head & shoulder shots and closeups of the clothes and accessories.

No Model Release Required

Since Fashion Week is a public and newsworthy event, no model release is required for using the images in your stock portfolio. But make sure to submit the images as editorial content, allowing the buyer to use the images for blogs and magazine articles, rather than commercial advertising.

Red Carpet Program

Stock photography agency Shutterstock help their contributors gain access to red carper events. Special event coverage and celebrity shots are always in demand with photo buyers. Go where the action is and get sought-after press passes for movie premieres, concerts, sporting events, or political rallies. It’s a great opportunity for you to gain access to special events to build your photo library.

Learn more about the program here:

To apply, download the form located here:

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