Focus Attention by Cropping


There are many techniques and approaches to creating a good photograph. According to the New York Institute of Photography, a good photo will always contain 3 essential qualities:

1. A clear subject
2. Good compostion
3. No distracting elements

Knowing the subject your photographing is always the best starting point for a great photograph. Using a composition technique and/or angle of approach is just as important, helping you to draw attention to your subject. Finally, removing any distracting elements helps to simplify your photo, creating an overall pleasant photograph.

From the most common photography techniques, a powerful method for drawing attention to your main subject is cropping or obscuring parts of your main subject. This leaves room to the viewer’s imagination to complete the scene in the photograph. This can be a good technique to create excitement in a photo your are only mildly satisfied with.

Credits: theModeCode | Model & Styling & Hair: Rebeka Kadlicsek | Photography: Megan Alter Photography



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