Golden Spiral: A Better Alternative to the Rule of Thirds


The rule of thirds is considered one of the main composition techniques in photography. But it is not the only rule that can be applied to how you position your subject in a photo. The golden spiral, alternatively also called Fibonacci spiral, can be even more beneficial in stock photography.

Golden Spiral

The golden spiral is a geometrically calculated spiral with an increasing growth factor, from its origin by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes. Pleasing to the human eye, when using it to compose photographs. Golden spirals are also found in nature. For example: in patterns of hurricanes as seen from above, spiral galaxies and nautilus shells.

Rule of Thirds vs. Golden Spiral

When positioning the subject using the golden spiral, the subject will move further from the center of the frame. In a combination with negative space, this will in stock photography leave more room for copy to be added on to the photo by the buyer.


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