Quick Tips for Selecting the Right Model


Selecting the right model can be a easy task, once you know what to look out for. Keeping in mind what the photos will be used for, browse the photos in the models’s portfolio and check their stats and requirements for the below suggestions.

Evaluating the Model’s Portfolio

Look for variation in facial expressions and posing. The more variation the model can perform, the higher your success rate for final images.

Also pay attention to the expression of the model is convincing or not. Does the model appear natural or stiffly posed?

Don’t Get Distracted by Post-processing

Don’t be distracted by the photographers approach or post processing while reviewing the model’s portfolio. It is the model’s contribution to the images you need to focus on, not the photographer’s skills.

Experience Level & Compensation

‘Time for Print’ is the classic term for models working for free in exchange for using the photos from the photoshoot themselves. For stock photography, this is the most common form of compensation.

Consider other forms of compensation, should the model have professional experience and/or possess skills that can noticeably contribute to the outcome of the photos like: dramatic acting, dancing, yoga or any other forms of performance art.

Benefits of Using Regular People as Models

It is no secret that using a more experienced model will drastically increase the amount of successful shots from your photo shoot. But there are also benefits in using a friend or more natural looking person, rather than commercially looking models.

Photos of natural looking people in casual clothes are in high demand. Using a more natural looking person will make your photo stand out from the crowd, for those seeking to lisence these type of images.

Most young businesses today are not run by people in suits or other formal business attire. Those type of photos are already overrepresented at most stock photography sites. Shooting less formal and in a variety of expressions can increase the success rate of your sales, should that be the area you choose to focus on.

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