True Detective TV Intro Continues to Inspire


We either spend a couple of minutes or less watching the intros to our favorite television shows each week, or run to get a snack. Some series have the most annoying opening credits sequences ever. But there also exist a handful of really great ones that we look forward to watching every time. Some even go as far as inspire the work of creative artists in photography, video and music.

Double Exposure Photography

Last year’s intro for the TV series True Detective sparked a demand for double exposure photos at companies like Shutterstock with 740%. The intro featured ’90s Louisiana’s water-stained yellows, swampy blues and hazy industrial grays. Landscape photos were used as a metaphors for the messy inner turmoil of the TV show’s character lives. Inspired by Richard Misrach’s  Petrochemical America, a book of haunting photographs documenting the industrial-ravaged landscape of the south. In the show, the poisoned land reflected nature of the characters. Constructing surreal double-exposure shots that layer stills from the show with Misrach’s image of the Louisiana landscape.

This year for the show’s second season, the colors are high-contrast blacks and whites, with bright reds and oceanic teals to evoke modern-day California’s frenzied sinister vibe. It echoes the same idea from the last season, but this time using David Maisel’s stunning aerial photographs of iconic California scenery, with a Jake Sergeant photos to build the collage.

Double Exposure Photos are on Demand

Websites like has a demand for double exposure photos and other creative and unique photographs. Do you have photos you think people might want to use? Sign-up and become a contributor today!


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