Understanding Color Palettes


Color theory analyses how different hues and shades interact with one another. The first step in developing your own color palet is to decide which general color palet you want. Shooting a subject you are passionate about in you own style, using a distinctive color palet, will make your stock photos stand out from the crowd.


Use colors that resemble each other. These palettes communicate consistency and uniformity within your design. The little difference in between them, make it easy to match and combine. They give great support to highlight the main subject, creating and overall sleek backdrop or overall filtering effect.


Colors that are opposite offer a sense of balance while adding excitement. But be aware of how specific colors look next to each other and how they make you feel as a viewer.


The triadic method consists of three main colors equally spaced on the wheel, and often does not work all that well in photography, since it involves too many number of hues that oppose each other.

Cinema Palettes

Sampling color palets from famous movies can be a great starting point to build your own powerful expression. Visit Cinema Palettes for an endless source of cinema palettes of inspiration.



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