We offer a collection of workshops and online learning material for everyone interested in making high quality photos for stock photography.


January 2018: ‘Profitting from Online Photo Sales’

Learn how to sell your photos to advertising agencies, magazines, book publishers, newspapers, designers, bloggers and anyone else seeking to licence photographs


July 2016: ‘Fast Track to Stock Photography’

Another peak at the latest trends in stock photography, and how you can best become a stock photo contributor.


September 2015: ‘Introduction to Creating Stock Footage’

TV producer Cathy Leung kicked off the first in a series of events on how to film with a DSLR cameras and generate local video content.


August 2015: ‘Styling Food for Stock Photography’

Food stylist Ajda Mehmet presented how to style food for food photography, using quality seasonal ingredients to show the food as it actually is. She demonstrated how to style food so that it becomes visually pleasing and aesthetic with an unfussy feel to photograph.



January 2015: ‘Fast Track to Shutterstock’

Gerd Mittmann (VP, International at Shutterstock) showed us which photos are currently selling most, and which photos Shutterstock is looking for in 2015.



June 2014: ‘Shoot What’s in Demand + Portfolio Reviews’

Keren Sachs, Director of Content Development at Shutterstock, held a presentation about how to shoot photos that are in demand and the basics of image licensing.